ZOOM Professional Whitening System

‘Teeth Whitening’ is one of the most common dental procedure and is popular among people of all age groups. With the development of modern technology, this aspect of cosmetic dentistry has now become quite efficient in removing stains and lightening discolored teeth, thus giving a beautiful smile in a most convenient way.

What is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom Whitening is a bleaching process which is activated using the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp along with a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel and a small amount of Ultra Violet Light (Zoom Light). The entire process delivers results when the hydrogen peroxide breaks down and oxygen enters the enamel and dentin thus lightening the stains. The tooth structure remains totally unaffected.

The Process

The pre-requisites of the process are proper dental health and cleaning. Hence, the Dentist does a complete examination before starting the treatment as plaque and calculus makes it difficult for the gel to make its way into the tooth. After a proper check up and teeth cleaning is done, following steps are carried out for the zoom whitening process:

  1. The teeth are exposed and all other parts i.e. eyes, lips and gums are covered well.
  2. The Zoom Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel is then applied and left for the next fifteen minutes while the Zoom light is activated. This is repeated thrice. The entire process takes less than an hour.
  3. Immediately after the treatment process, a fluoride paste- gel is applied to the teeth in order to reduce sensitivity.
  4. Post-treatment, a Zoom touch-up kit is supplied with proper instructions on how and when to use it.
  5. In addition, there are also some dietary restrictions against stain-inducing items like coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine. Moreover, regular dental hygiene and teeth cleaning should always follow this treatment process.

Few important things to know beforehand:

  1. This procedure is not recommended for children below thirteen years, pregnant ladies and lactating mothers.
  2. Persons with anxiety or strong gag reflex may face difficulties in sitting through the entire process.
  3. Some patients may also experience higher sensitivity than the rest when heat is generated by the Zoom light.
  4. The whitening results cannot be predicted fully. Each person may gain a lighter shade different than the other as the results are very individual-specific.
  5. Previous dental work like veneers, crown and filling do not change color. Also, if there are pre-existing white spots hidden behind stains, they re-appear after whitening.

The Zoom Whitening process brings back the natural color of the teeth and beyond. An in-office bleaching process, it is known for its effectiveness and quickness in giving positive instantaneous results.