Biolase – Waterlase: Hard & Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Biolase – Waterlase which is a hard and soft tissue laser, has been developed to offer more comfort and safety to the patients and a greater control over dental procedures to the dentists by allowing clearance at 940 nm wave length. It is the only complete package of ‘Diode Solution’ in the field of dentistry.

Features of Biolase

  1. Comfort- Waterlase performs well in low power and less heat. The ComfortPlus feature of the system helps in faster cutting and minimizes heat buildup that otherwise induces pain.
  2. Powerful and portable- The 24 hours battery back-up and multiple functions like ‘stand by’ and ‘ready’ modes gives more control to the dentists and ensure an easy movement as no power cables are needed.
  3. Versatility-A wide range of dental procedures, treatment and surgeries can be done using the same system with different accessories.

Why Biolase – The clinical applications

Removing lesions or biopsy
With Waterlase, a small tissue from an infected area can be removed for further examination of cancer.

Muscle Attachment (Frenectomy)
Frenectomy can be done to remove issues related to a tight frenulum, limited movement of the tongue and also speech impediments.

Dental Restorations/Fillings
Waterlase produces less heat, vibration and pressure, which are the main causes of discomfort that occur with a traditional dental drill.  Waterlase avoids these problems by using a laser which results in greater comfort and faster healing times.

Gum Surgery
Waterlase also performs gum surgery to help in reshaping gum tissues using dental lasers.

Crown lengthening procedures
This system can reshape and restructure tooth structure to provide a strong foundation for restoration.

Removing benign tumors
Dental Lasers help remove benign tumors in a most painless and stitch-free manner from the gums, cheeks, lips or palate.

Treating cold sores and gum diseases
Cold sores can be healed and pain minimized using lasers of low intensity. Gum diseases can be treated by removing infected and dead soft tissue.

Removal of soft tissue folds
Soft tissue fold is a result of poor dentures. Waterlase removes such soft tissue folds.

Teeth whitening
One of the commonly used dental procedures, teeth whitening can be done very effectively using Waterlase in a fast and safe way.

Laser Dentistry has many benefits. When soft tissue dental lasers are used, stitches or sutures are not needed. This also minimizes bleeding and swelling and on the other hand maximizes sterilization in the surgery site. As the beams focus only on the damaged area, surrounding tissues has minimal impact. Using this technology, wounds and infection get treated faster and smoother. Also, use of anesthesia is limited to certain procedures only. With this innovative and modern know-how, patients will get more comfort while undergoing different dental procedures.