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Dental Pain? Don’t Wait!

Don't Ignore Dental Pain

Many of us choose to ignore dental pain, in the hopes that the pain will go away or resolve on its own. This is not the right approach when it comes to pain associated with the mouth. This is particularly the case if the cause of the pain is unknown. Dental pain...
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Eating Disorders Affect Dental Health

What are eating disorders?

Eating disorders can consist of a range of conditions that involve an obsession with things such as weight, food, and physical appearance. Being obsessed with these issues can have an adverse impact on physical and emotional health. This obsession can also affect social relationships and everyday life. Eating disorders are diagnosed when there is a disordered eating...
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Enhance Your Smile With Tooth Reshaping

Tooth Reshaping Treatment

Tooth reshaping is an extremely convenient and cost-effective way to enhance a smile. By reshaping or recontouring the teeth, issues such as chipping of the teeth and uneven alignment of the teeth can be fixed without complicated or invasive treatment. Teeth may be reshaped only or may be accompanied by dental bonding in some cases. Dental bonding uses...
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