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Cosmetic Dental Options To Enhance Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is any form of dentistry that improves the look of your teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry can comprise procedures such as a dental filling, a dental crown, dental veneers, or voluntary procedures, such as orthodontics to align teeth or teeth whitening to whiten teeth. Often, cosmetic dentistry benefits both aesthetics and oral health.


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Should You Give Your Infant A Pacifier?

Since babies are born with a natural inclination to suck on objects, pacifiers can be very useful to help calm and soothe a fussy baby. A recent survey found that up to 84% of Canadian infants are given a pacifier at least once. Despite their popularity, pacifiers remain controversial, and parents are often left with questions...
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Learn All About Dental Veneers

Do you have chipped, stained, worn or misaligned teeth? One way to improve the overall look of your smile is with dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

They are thin shells of either porcelain or composite that cover the front part of your teeth. Veneers are custom-made and are designed to look natural. You can have veneers...
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