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Benefits of a Denture Therapist

What is a Denture Therapist?

A denture therapist, also known as a denturist, is a health professional who provides denture related care. They will normally work alongside other dental health professionals such as dentists, oral surgeons and dental technicians. This is to ensure that the patient receives a denture option that is custom made to fit...
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Do You Have Gum Recession?

What is gum recession?

When the edge of the gum tissue that wraps around the teeth reduces or recedes, this is called gum or gingival recession. Gum recession may be mild, moderate or severe. In mild cases, a small part of the tooth is exposed when the gum tissue recedes. In moderate to severe cases,...

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Do you need a dental night guard?

Do you wake up with a sore jaw frequently? How about a dull headache or pain in your teeth? These are possible signs that you may be grinding your teeth, a condition referred to as bruxism. This condition affects approximately 10 to 15 percent of adults. People who grind their teeth may be aware of it...
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