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The Importance Of Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

What are baby teeth?

Baby teeth (otherwise known as milk teeth or primary teeth) are the first set of teeth to erupt in a child's mouth. Most children will get their first baby teeth at about six months, but this can range from every child.

Why are they important?

Many people believe that primary teeth are not as...
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Fluoride And Dentistry

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. It is present in natural water sources and found in small quantities in certain foods. It is essential in dentistry because of its ability to prevent cavities. Tooth decay is preventable, but still affects most of the world's population. The Canadian Dental Association supports the use of fluorides...
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Is Tooth Sensitivity After A Dental Cleaning Normal?

Tooth Sensitivity After A Dental Cleaning?

What Is A Teeth Or Dental Cleaning?

While it isn't normal, some patients do experience tooth sensitivity after a cleaning. A dental cleaning is also referred to as a hygiene cleaning, scaling, or teeth cleaning. A dental hygienist usually performs this procedure. The goal of a dental cleaning is the removal of build-up...
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Oral Cancer And Your Dental Health

Oral Cancer

Every year, thousands of Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 4700 Canadians will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017, and an estimated 1250 will die from it. While oral cancer has a good survival rate when detected early, it is often not diagnosed until the...
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