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Learn How To Prevent Pregnancy Gingivitis

What is pregnancy gingivitis

Studies indicate that anywhere from 40-80% of pregnant women will develop gingivitis, inflammation of the gums caused by built-up plaque. This is because hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy increase the risk of oral health issues. Higher levels of progesterone during pregnancy may encourage the growth of bacteria that cause gingivitis, or...
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Tooth Health And Morning Sickness

Most women experience nausea during their pregnancy. Even though it is referred to as morning sickness, it occurs during the day at any time. Accompanying nausea will usually subside after the first trimester of pregnancy. However, it may last longer for some women. While there are some natural remedies to help with the effects of...
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Should I Be Worried About Cold Sensitivity?

What causes sensitivity to cold items?

Exposed Gums Gum recession causes the gums to become exposed and is the most common cause of sensitivity to cold items. When the gum recedes, it shrinks away from the roots of the teeth and reveals a softer and porous dentin layer. Dentin contains many hollow tubules which contain fluids that...
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