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The Dental Effects Of Smoking

Smoking Negatively Impacts Your Health

Almost everyone is now aware of the dangers and risks that smoking poses to their health and the health of those that are close to them. Many health organizations and governments have done a good job of educating people about the negative effects. It causes lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, diabetes,...
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Stained Teeth Causes & How You Can Avoid Them

What Causes Stained Teeth?

There are two main types of yellowed or stained teeth, which are referred to as intrinsic stain or extrinsic stain. Intrinsic stain, is stain that is located deeper in the teeth or stain that occurred while the teeth were forming. Extrinsic stain occurs on the outer surface of the teeth, known as...
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Why Is It Sometimes Necessary?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental procedure, that is usually performed around the teenage years or early twenties. Wisdom teeth is the term that most people use, when referring the the third molars. These are the permanent teeth that are located in the back of the mouth. These permanent teeth appear or erupt,...
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Gap Teeth – Porcelain Veneer Treatment

Gap Teeth / Diastema

Gap teeth is a term used to describe a space between two teeth. In the dental world, this is referred to as a diastema. There is no minimum space required between teeth, for it to be considered a diastema. While these gaps can occur between any teeth, it most commonly occurs between...
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