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What is Abfraction And What Can Be Done?

What is Abfraction?

Dental abfraction results in a notch at the gum line or even under the gum line in some cases. This notch is due to losing the outer layer of enamel. When a large portion of enamel is lost, the underlying dentin material under the teeth is exposed. Exposed dentin can lead to tooth...
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What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad Breath / Halitosis

Bad breath is also referred to as halitosis and is usually a result of poor oral health and the type of food consumed. Some bad breath is temporary and may go away when certain foods are avoided, but if you experience halitosis frequently, there may be other factors involved. Some people may think...
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Learn The Correct Toothbrushing Technique

What is the benefit of using the correct toothbrushing technique?

You may have brushed your teeth a certain way for most of your life without any issues. You may have never had a cavity in your life as well with your current oral home care, so why learn how to brush correctly now? Using the proper toothbrushing...
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Implant Overdentures Can Improve Your Life

What are implant overdentures?

Implant Overdentures are replacement teeth that are retained by dental implants. Overdentures are made to help patients who need options to replace a few teeth or to replace all of their teeth. Patients who need a few teeth replaced will benefit from a partial denture and patients who need all of...
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